The Technical Calculation And Estimator's Manhour Manual is a result of 30 years of experience in dealing with problems an estimator encounters when working on technical calculations for specific technologies. Given manhour tables are result of analyses, comparisons, simulations and new measures of collected technical bibliography, standards, catalogues, man hours and rates from the European and USA countries, verified in practice during the plant erection.

With proper and conscientious application of these data for making estimates, the estimator will calculate hourly time requirements i.e. the man hours required for the piping and plant erection.

The man hours (Mhr) do not refer to any condition or PRODUCTIVITY EFFICIENCY PERCENTAGES (PEP, Leistungsfähigkeit - Prozentsatz), but to precisely determined PEPs.

For each project, before the labour value is calculated, the Productivity Efficiency Percentage should be determined. This is done by the project manager with the assistance of his collaborators. It is important to understand that there are no identical projects or jobs in this business. Each project is specific and no automatism or copying is possible.

Assistance of Manhour manual in technical calculation can make estimators job more accurate and can save you your time & money.